Horse Riding – Khaoyai, Thailand


1. Best getaway day trip – Bangkok Escape

2 Explore scenery of northeastern region on legendary Andalusian and graceful Friesian horses.

3. Custom made trail riding: you can take it “nice and slow” or as “fast & furious” as you like.


Horse riding package tours below are available only in Khaoyai, Thailand.

The most popular trip of horse trail riding in Khaoyai is Classic Sunset Route around local farms where you can make a day trip from Bangkok.

Riders can also get the best of both worlds by doing a combination of Sunset and Sunrise Ride with an overnight stay in the stylish equestrian hotel.

For the Great Riders, Triple Ride is perfectly designed for you. 3 scenic trails are different. The trip starts with sunset ride, overnight stay, sunrise ride, then closing the trip with late afternoon ride before travelling back to Bangkok.

horse riding tours in Thailand by Horse Trail Thailand

Khaoyai riding location is around 2.30 hours, 190 km. on the highway road from BKK Airport to the northeast of Thailand. Horse farm is located 10 km. away from Khaoyai National Park entrance. Riders can expect rustic farm view on the horseback. Ride and see Northeastern plants. Having safe and fun walk, trot, canter at your own pace. The family-owned rancher offers choices of guided horseback riding trips.

Khaoyai trip is friendly to non-rider (companions). We ride in a limited small group up to 8 riders. While our main offers are for horseback riding, we offer horse carriage for non-riding companions who would like to follow and take a scenic photos of the riders, self and group photo. We can also help arrange tours to Khaoyai National Park, sightseeing around the district, Northeastern Thai cooking class and opportunity for novice who like to try a riding lesson. Check out Khaoyai Add-ons.

Horse Riding Khaoyai Thailand

Horse Riding Khaoyai Thailand

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Horse Riding Khaoyai Thailand by Ride Journey
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