Change & Cancellation Policy

  1. In case of change & cancellation by customers, please notify us immediately of your cancellation by e-mail. The reimbursement is calculated according to the scale below.
    1.1) More than 15 days before trip starts (pick-up time at hotel): your booking can be changed. If cancellation, tour operator will fully return your payment via PayPal.
    1.2) Less than 15 days before trip starts (pick-up time at hotel): no change, no refund.
  2. In the event of trip cancellation by the operator before trip starts, for any reason whatsoever, the participants will receive fully reimbursement without being entitled to any compensation.
  3. The operator does not hold responsibility for the cancellation imposed by circumstances of a force of nature and / or for reasons related to the safety of customers. Hence we recommend that you purchase travel insurance that includes trip cancellation insurance. However we provide you accidental insurance. 
  4. The riding instructor and / or Stable Manager reserve the right to refuse any rider whose ability to ride and / or behavior to pose a threat that endanger to him/herself and / or to the horse.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Each participant must be aware of the sporting nature of the trip and the possible remoteness of medical centers. He/she undertakes with full background knowledge about the risks and understands that in the case of any accident, if occurs, it is not the responsibility of the operating company, the guides or the suppliers. This applies also to those who are accompanying the person and companions.
  2. The operator does not hold responsibility for incidents or unforeseeable and insurmountable events of a foreign third party intervening during the trip such as: wars, political unrest, external strikes, road accidents, technical incidents outside operating company, weather conditions, delays (especially for security reasons).
  3. Some pictures and videos may be taken during the trip. Unless otherwise stated in writing in the Horse Riding Waiver Form, your booking signifies that you accept that you might possibly appear in media that may be used thereafter to illustrate and promote our trip and activities, without receiving any compensation.


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