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Half Day Tour

Selections of horseback riding begin with Serene Temple Ride, energised morning trip to start your day. After visiting the Lanna style temple, we continue the trail to observe diversified local plantations and evergreen wilderness geography (Trip Code: CA01CNX).

Exotic Jungle Ride takes place in the afternoon to secluded terrains. Rider has opportunity to concentrate and communicate with the horse along the trail. The horse enjoys wandering. He will be your good companion. (Trip Code: CA02CNX).

Combo Ride – Riders who take Serene Morning Temple Ride and wish to continue exploring other districts, we reccommend the Exotic Jungle Ride in the afternoon. There are many activities in the neighbourhoods during interval break such as Huay Pak Pai Royal Rose Garden, coffee route etc. We provide sightseeing with free transport.

Full Day Tour

Full day ride takes around 6 hours, 30 km. We currently design into 2 trails. Lanna Heritage Ride will let you indulge in tangible such as architectural stupa, shrine, monastery and intangible cultural heritage of Lanna folk-life (Trip Code: CA03CNX).

Local Route Native Ride is another full day trek. True adventure through the hills, crossing water canal from the waterfall and riding up to tribal village where growing variety of plants. The layer of different plantations on the hilltop with blue-sky backdrop along the path is very picturesque. This ride is recommended for intermediate and advance riders (Trip Code: CA04CNX).

2 Day Tour

Rainforest Ride & Night – All day trekking through Rainforest Mountains. At the end of the day, the riders deserve to stay in a decent accommodation for pampering and rewarding the day of motions. It feels like riding & rejuvenating trip.

Hassle-Free Horse Riding Tour – Insurance Coverage

The trips are also family and non rider-friendly, limited and intimate groups up to 10 riders. While our main offers are for horseback riding, we offer horse carriage for non-riding companions who would like to follow and take a scenic photos of the riders, self and group photo. We can also help arrange tours to National Park, coffee route and sightseeing around the district.

Riding skill: Serene Temple Ride and Exotic Jungle Ride are suitable for all riding skill levels from first time to advance riders. Other rides are designed for beginners (walk & trot), intermediates (trot & canter) and advance riders (canter & gallop).


Horse Stable is located around 30 minutes, 17 km. from CNX Airport. Riding with the happy-life horses gives you positive energy while roaming in verdant jungle. Walk, trot, canter and gallop gates are at your preferences.

The Horses are brave, forward going in the long trail and easily to ride. The horses know their jobs very well. Major horse breeds in the farm are Native Thai. Its height is lower than 15 hands. Along the way, riders will see and understand the uniqueness of tropical rainforest that helps maintain global weather patterns and rain causing by evaporation from trees. The rainforest is a huge source of biodiversity and cultural diversity of Lanna local people. The rainforest is also important because it generates oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide.

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