Horse Riding Sunflower Field

Seasonal Horse Riding Tour 
December – January

Horse Riding Sunflower Field is in Khaoyai. It takes 2.5 hours drive away (190 km.) from Bangkok. We conduct horse trail riding all year. However winter is best time of the year for horse riding in Khaoyai, Thailand.

Classic Sunset Route

Any of the tours in Khaoyai on December & January, you will be riding in the blossoming Sunflower field. Your buddies are the legendary Andalusian & graceful Frisian horses. Picnic with the gorgeous horses is just like fairy tale! The tour selections are Classic Sunset Route or Sunset & Sunrise Ride or Triple Ride

Sunrise Ride

Sunflower-blossom season is a must check-in sight for local weekender. You will find Thais enjoy picnicking beside the yellow sea of flowers with family, friends and the love one.

Sunflowers aren’t native to Thailand. The flower roots originally trace back to North America around 3000 BC. Spanish explorers brought the seeds across the Atlantic during the 1500s. Nowadays the sunflowers are fertile in tropical climate. The Andalucians are coincidentally become a symbol of Spanish Explorer in Khaoyai.

The blooms bring rider breathable piece of mind. This is may best recognised in popular imagination by Vincent van Gogh’s swirling studies in yellow (click here)


Horse Riding Sunflower Field

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